Partnerships That Helped Us Grow Tremendously

Partnerships That Helped Us Grow Tremendously

Recently I was reflecting on our performance throughout 2018 and I realized that Picha has seen tremendous growth! But it was not just because of our own strengths – rather it was through the help of many partnerships with our Picha Heroes!

Over the months, we had Picha Heroes coming from different industries who had put in their effort and time and shared their resources to support us in rebuilding lives of refugees in Malaysia. From organising events to initiating cross marketing efforts to providing us a platform to tell our stories – each one has helped us grow in so many ways and enabled us to reach out to more of you!

So today we’re going to highlight few of the partnerships we totally loved!

#1 – GoLove – A Speed Dating event | GoCar and Wowwwz

We are always trying to find different and fun ways for you to be part of our movement. So when the marketing director of GoCar (a fast-growing car sharing platform) suggested that we do a blind date event with an open house. we immediately said YES!

Photo Credit: GoCar

In February 2018, we teamed up with GoCar and Wowwwz to create an amazing race / speed dating version of open house for the singles celebrating Valentine’s Day. We made sure and that we can all create impact and celebrate this lovey dovey day together.

Photo Credit: GoCar

A HUGE shoutout to GoCar and Wowwwz for partnering with us to create such an amazing experience. This was definitely one of the best open houses we’ve organized so far! Totally looking forward to GoLove 2.0 (*hint to all the single people, get ready!)

#2 – TIFFIN Food Court | Freeform

In August, we were invited by Freeform to be part of the coolest (& most hipster) food court in town; TIFFIN food court! We’ve had many booths before, but having a booth at Tiffin food gave us the opportunity to reach a different crowd and it makes us look cool & hipster too 😉

With such partnership, we were able to rebuild lives together and spread a different culture to their own audience. Thanks Freeform for giving us and our Picha families the opportunity to cook for more people!

#3 – THIS IS HOME x Urbanscapes | ThinkCity & freeform

Although Picha is a food business but we like to add a twist to the things we usually do. We try to be as innovative & creative as we can be when it comes to raising awareness. And having partners like Think City definitely allowed us to do so!

Photo credit: Urbanscapes

Last month, we put up our first ever exhibition to raise awareness about the refugee crisis globally and in Malaysia. This immersive experience has created an avenue for many to understand what a refugee has to go through when they are forced to leave their country.

We had near to 10,000 visitors since day 1 and received over 85% recommendation by our visitors! Thank you Think City for giving us the chance to be part of the Urbanscapes Festival.

#4 – Picha Pop-Up Cafe | Hong Leong Foundation

This month, we’ve partnered up with Hong Leong Foundation and to open our very first Pop-up Cafe (FINALLY AFTER 3 YEARS). This partnership has given us the opportunity to provide a new & refreshing food experience for our Picha Heroes. That way we are be able to serve more yummy food to you! Are your stomachs growling already?

From 22nd Nov to 30th Nov, you can now dine-in to try food prepared by our families without placing a catering or ordering meal box delivery. We’re open from 10am – 9pm daily, and we will be serving a special Christmas menu over the weekend (Yes, that’s today. Book with us now!)

Having our own cafe was truly a dream come true and if we can pull this off, we’ll be more confident to step into our larger goals next year.

These were just some of the major partnerships that we had in 2018, but that’s not it. We had many awesome partners like MindSpace, Common Ground, GlamHall, Me.reka Space and Colony – who sponsored us their space for us to host our open house events.

Photo credit: Joe Kit

If you had us sharing at your events or functions, we also want to thank YOU! Thanks for allowing us to spread Picha goodness to students, working adults, decision makers and many more. You have allowed us to bring Picha’s name to many people’s minds and at the same time empower them in their daily lives with stories of hope and love.

We are truly thankful for all the partners who have came on board making Picha a stronger platform to rebuild lives together. We are looking forward to partnering with more Picha Heroes next year and we can’t wait to see the impact that will be happening through these partnerships.

Have an idea? Share with us too because we are always opening to ideas in regards to rebuilding lives together because we are truly STRONGER TOGETHER!


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