Can You Be a Picha Hero Without Ordering?

Can You Be a Picha Hero Without Ordering?

After every sharing at events or open houses, many would ask how can they be part of our journey and be a Picha Hero. But first, let’s begin with the definition of a Picha Hero:  

“A individual who is part of Picha’s journey in rebuilding lives of refugees or marginalised groups in Malaysia via our sustainable food business.”

These individuals are our customers, open house participants, partners and mentors. We refer to them as our Picha Heroes.

“But what if I am not any of the above?”

We get it. Placing an order for a catering or for 10 meal boxes can be rather overwhelming. Not everyone needs that much of food.

“So can I still be a Picha Hero?”

Of course you CAN! There are many ways you can support us apart from simply placing an order. So here are 5 ways you can be a Picha Hero apart from just placing an order:

#1 – TALK TALK TALK about Picha

Do you know a lot of impact has taken place because our Picha Heroes decided to talk about us? When someone asks you for a caterer, talk about Picha. When someone talks abou
t how hard their life is, talk about the issues refugees are facing. When someone mentions that they are looking for an impact partner to work with, suggest Picha!

We constantly asked ourselves how can we include Picha as part of the everyday lives of our Picha Heroes. We then realized that it is through our stories. Stories on our social media, videos and even interviews on newspapers and magazines (some people noticed Picha after reading an interview in a magazine in a car auto shop or on the plane), These sparks conversations and we hope our Picha Heroes continue to be inspired by the stories being shared to motivate your everyday lives.


One way of creating awareness it through Pop-Ups where we bring food to you at the location of your choice. It can be at your office pantry, lobby or just anywhere. All we need is a space with a table or two, then blast it out to your colleagues and there we go.

We have done pop-ups at TBWA, Colony, Leaderonomics and many more impact partners! Food choices from Afghanistan, Palestinian, Iraqi or Syrian will be few steps away without needing to leave the office. Rebuilding lives together can be so easy.


At Picha, we are always organizing events, festivals or pop-up booths and that means… we need people! From serving food, selling Picha food to taking care of booths, we need Picha Heroes to help make this work.

Being a volunteer is a very important task as we need more and more people to  understand the work Picha does and the struggle refugees face. It might not seem as a big thing, but it’s all the little effort that makes the big change.

So if you want to rebuild lives together and have some free time during the weekends or public holidays, sign up here!


Most of our refugee families have only basic or no English literacy since English isn’t their native language. Because of that, we always had to use translation apps or translators for communication. However we realized that is not sustainable and that’s why we need YOU!

If you have a good command of English with 2 hours a week to spare (min 2 months), consider teaching! You can help a mother to speak English or help a kid who still can’t afford to go to school to learn something new. We’ve seen tremendous results when our teachers commit their hours to do so. Thank you to y’all Picha Heroes who did it, they will have a better opportunity because you decide to put in a small portion of your time to do so.

We must emphasize that it’s crucial for our teachers to be consistent so that your students absorb the knowledge you impart. Hence, the hours and timeline we place so that we make sure we achieve fullest impact.


Have a skill or a platform to share, just to collaborate or tell stories? Let us know, we are always very open to make rebuilding lives as simple as possible for Picha Heroes! We’ve partnered with various of organisations and startups to make sure we achieve maximum impact via CSR collaborations, food donations, events and etc.  

Here’s a recent collaboration we did with Astro Supersports a few months back. They have used their own way of telling stories and the influential power of a superstar footballer to make sure the story of Picha and the family is being heard.

This is one that truly embodies the value of becoming yourself and making a change; and we can’t be more thankful than those who truly used their own skills and platforms to do so.

At the end of the day, the Picha Project can’t change the world alone. But together with our Picha Heroes, we can rebuild lives and make a bigger change. You don’t to have super-vision, super-strength or ultrasonic power because we are STRONGER TOGETHER.

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