5 Unique Food You Should Try this CNY!

5 Unique Food You Should Try this CNY!

Written by
Laura Wong

Chinese New Year is just 10 days away and I bet you’re already thinking about the one thing we all look forward to: FOOOOOOD. In fact, you can’t celebrate Chinese New Year without feasting!

Mention Chinese New Year food; dumplings, noodles, and niangao may come into mind. But there are actually a bunch of other foods/snacks that we can enjoy this CNY! Especially in Malaysia since us Malaysians take our food seriously #TrueStory.

So in this blog post, I thought I should introduce some cool, local food / treats which are unique and different apart from the usual pineapple tarts & bak kwa that you eat every year. 

#1 – Salted Egg Chips by Hou Sek Gourmet Snacks

Who can say no to salted egg? Especially when they come in the form of potato chips!

Photo credit: Hou Sek

Hou Sek specializes in curating premium Salted Egg potato chips. We think these chips are pretty unique because their fresh & crispy chips are coated with 100% real salted egg. Once you start with the first chip, you probably can’t stop – so consider yourself warned!

Photo credit: Hou Sek

Hou Sek chips comes in three different flavors and they are all preservatives & pork free too; so this would make a good snack for everyone. Get you salted egg fix at www.housek.co

#2 – #Discover Spring Granolas (CNY Special) by Amazin Graze

We all know that eating healthy during CNY is a real challenge… especially when faced with temptation from the mountain of CNY snacks presented in front of you. But for those of you who are looking to eat clean & healthy this CNY, it’s still possible with Amazin’ Graze!

Photo credit: Amazin’ Graze

Inspired by popular CNY flavors such as yu sheng, love letters, and haw flakes, Amazin’ Graze has came up with four delicious treats with a modern twist! And btw, can we just take a moment to appreciate how pretty their packaging is?! <3 (p/s – their packaging is also reusable!)

Photo credit: Amazin’ Graze

These granolas and nuts are 100% natural & vegetarian, so you can snack guilt-free on the first day of Chinese New Year. Remember that health is wealth!

You can get them online at www.amazingraze.co.

#3- Huat the Duck pizza by myPizzalab

Fancy some pizzas during Chinese New Year? Then you should definitely try out the Huat the Duck pizza by myPizzalab!

Photo credit: myPizzalab

We think this makes the perfect CNY meal because of its name haha. But seriously, we love how creative they get with their ingredients! They used soft tender, smoked duck slices on a bed of torched mandarin oranges and cheese and topped it off with in garlic oil and onion jam.

Photo credit: SAYS

Baked with dried sun tomatoes and herbs infused, the crust itself will keep you coming back for more! Try it at their restaurant located at Seapark.

Address: 12, Jalan 21/22, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opening Hours: Daily except for Monday. 5.30pm-9.00pm

#3a –  Prosperity Rolls by The Picha Project

Thinking ‘bout doing something fun & unique with your family meal this CNY? Why not make your own Prosperity Spring Roll with our CNY menu!

Photo credit: Thevi’s Kitchen

Spring rolls are an important part of the Spring Festival, which is part of Chinese New Year. So we decided to give it a fusion twist by introducing the Picha Prosperity Roll.

Photo credit: Thevi’s Kitchen

It’s super easy to make your own Prosperity Roll!

  1. Just roll out the pita bread
  2. Add in the dishes of your choice (including the Yee Sang you’ve just tossed!)
  3. Spread our secret sauce
  4. Roll it up and enjoy!

Think of it as a Chinese burrito – but with wealth & impact. Get it here bit.ly/pichacnyspecials

#5 – Flourishing Yee Sang by The Picha Project

Another one by us because this is an absolute MUST in all CNY meals. But you must be thinking… what makes our Yee Sang unique?

Photo credit: Joe Kit Yong

  1. It’s the first ever Chinese x Middle Eastern Fusion Yee Sang in Malaysia!
  2. Served with a secret homemade sauce by our Picha Chefs
  3. It has the power to pay off rents, send kids to school & settle debts. Because with every purchase of our Yee Sang, 50% of it goes back to our refugee families!

Photo credit: Thevi’s Kitchen

Will you choose to impact lives this CNY? Make an order below!


So there you go! 5 delicious, yummy, unconventional food for you and your family this Chinese New Year. Feast away, Picha Heroes!

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