4 Reasons Why You Should Join Picha

4 Reasons Why You Should Join Picha

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The Picha Girls

It’s been some time since we wrote “4 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULDN’T JOIN PICHA”. Though this article has served its purpose to paint a better picture about the work in Picha, Picha is today in a different phase.

We have now entered our 4th year in Picha. For the past year, we have been working hard to put systems in place for different processes (it is still a work in progress), plus constantly improving the way we do things.

We are constantly pushing to serve more customers on a daily basis, pushing more creative content to feed the souls of our Picha Heroes, pushing boundaries in the way we design our open houses, pushing our business model to be more inclusive, and most importantly, pushing to impact more families in need in Malaysia.

For the past 3 years, many people have come in and out of the team – some were interns, some were part-timers and some were full-timers. From not knowing how to hire rightly, to learning how to create a better culture for the team, it has been quite a steep but fulfilling learning journey for us.

To improve ourselves to build a great team, we read as much as we can to learn from great industry leaders, and talk to our mentors constantly to make sure that we are on the right track in creating an environment where the team is empowered to empower others.

So what exactly is the environment we want to create for the Picha Team?

In Picha, we aim to create an environment for growth and innovation so that we can bring social innovation for humanitarian cause to another level.

Through Picha, we strive to create a workplace where people get to work for a greater purpose and have their own life taken care of at the same time. We rebuild lives sustainably through a proper business model, and provide a safe space for the team to explore and experiment new innovative ideas that address humanitarian issues.

If you ask me whether it’s challenging – of course it is. But without challenge, there won’t be advancement, and in Picha, it is all about pushing boundaries and creating new solutions. (So yes, we love challenges)

In the past 3 years growing Picha, we didn’t start by growing the company, but we started with growing the team – it is ingrained into the values and blood of our company.

The team comes first, people comes first – this is Picha’s core value.

With what we have been working on for the past years, and after hearing from the awesome Picha Team what they love about working with Picha, we think it is time now for us to share with you, 4 Reasons Why You Should Join Picha.

# 1 – YOU WILL be the Face of Innovative Solutions for Humanitarian Issues

Currently around the world, there are more refugees and asylum seekers fleeing conflict and violence from their home-countries than ever before.

This is a global humanitarian crisis that is affecting many countries. Even though some of us might not feel the impact, how we respond to this global crisis tells how we are as a human race – and to be honest, a lot of responses so far towards the refugee community have shown the ugly side of us.

We believe that there is a good side of us that wants to reach out to the refugee community, but we are just lost with no solutions. With this sudden outbreak of refugee crisis, many of us do not know what to do or how can we help.

But since 2016, Picha has creatively found a way to partner with refugees who have fled to Malaysia and help rebuild their lives, one family at a time though food. Instead of running charities, seeking for donations, or looking for sympathy to help the refugees, we turned it around and decided to do this differently through innovation.

Here’s what we do:

We serve you great food, with authentic recipes from countries that you might no longer be able to visit due to the war.

We bring to you new cultures & traditions, from other parts of the world that is far away from home.

We share with you powerful stories of strong individuals who have fled wars & persecution, opening your eyes to see the world beyond your own comfort. And as you enjoy great food, learn new cultures & listen to impactful real stories, you are also directly rebuilding the lives of refugees in Malaysia through your experience.

In all the events that we organise, all the food that we serve and all the experiences that we provide to people, we strive to be as innovative and creative as we can. We want to be the platform where you can rebuild lives through your actions, but at the same time get to immerse yourself in impactful and meaningful experiences.

This humanitarian crisis can be solved through an innovative solution. It doesn’t have to be a groundbreaking technology or a mind-blowing new app, but a simple food business that connects people can be a solution to this global humanitarian crisis when we choose to work on it innovatively.

Picha is not a rigid company. We do have certain structure in place, but we have plenty of space for improvement. One thing for sure is we will never settle in our comfort zone. We provide an environment in Picha where you are free to throw out new innovative ideas, where no idea is “too crazy”, and it is definitely not “the-end-of-the-world” if your idea fails. We constantly push our boundaries and challenge the way we do things, so that we can raise the bar higher each time.

We believe that this environment provides us the space to keep finding innovative ways to address the humanitarian issues happening around the world, and I would say that what you see Picha as now – this is just the beginning. Our bigger vision is to create more innovative solutions not just for the refugee community, but many other communities that are underserved.

If you share the same vision as us, and you see yourself making a change and rebuilding lives innovatively, join us 😉


Picha is all about growth – your personal growth, the team’s growth, our Picha families’ growth – it all matter a lot to us. To grow the impact that we are creating, and grow the number of families joining Picha, we must first grow ourselves.

If at one point, you find that you have stopped growing, we will definitely push you further and challenge you. We won’t stop opening up different opportunities for you to grow and continue empowering lives.

However, even though we provide opportunities for you to grow, the main responsibility still falls on you – you have to commit to growing yourself. You won’t be ready to rebuild lives of others if you don’t start growing yourself. It will always be a work in progress and we are ready to step on that journey of growth with you.

Your life-changing journey with Picha will shape your mind to see the possibility of balancing both business and impact (maybe changing your body shape as well because we do alot of food tasting, LOL!). It will give you a different perspective in making much deeper impact and a different level of compassion and kindness. It will push you out of your comfort zone constantly, and we promise that this experience will transform you completely in the way you see the world.

Are you ready for that transformation?

#3 – YOU WILL BE IN A fast-paced but excitinG SPACE

We are doubling our growth in the business and our impact each year. Working in the F&B industry, it truly is a fast-paced culture. Festive seasons in Malaysia are always back to back, from Christmas to Chinese New Year, then International Women’s Day, and before you know it, Ramadan and Raya are here.

We find ourselves always creating new menus, preparing our operations, curating our social media content and strategizing our marketing plan one after another.

Working with Picha is fast (note: very fast), but it’s always exciting as we continue to search new ways to promote our food, culture, events and campaigns consistently. It’s exciting to always plan for a new season because you are allowed experiment with different things for each season and event. It keeps us active in thinking of new ideas. What’s most exciting is to always see the results after the event and learn from it.

If you are looking for agility, excitement, adventure and some space for experimentation, working with Picha is your answer. Rebuilding lives at the same time? That’s extra brownie points 😉

#4 – You WILL play a BIG role in the team

In Picha, every idea and every voice from the team is important. It’s not because the team is small, but because we genuinely believe that we can’t do this alone. Every single person that has been involved with Picha before contributed significantly to what Picha is today.

The blood, sweat, effort, time, ideas, skills and knowledge put into Picha by every intern, part-timer, full-timer and volunteer are the reason why Picha can grow.

Therefore, being part of the Picha team, you will be expected to voice out, take ownership, challenge your own ideas and see them through. Everyone starts learning from the the ground but along the way, your every action and decision influence the way Picha rebuild lives, and we are so looking forward to seeing those transformations happen with you.

While we continue to rebuild lives, we want to make sure that your footprint will be part of the larger blueprint.

Our flat and open culture in Picha also constantly encourages honest feedbacks and new ideas, so you’re welcomed to even challenge our current structure or the way we work – as long as it builds towards our big vision.

If this is what you’re striving for – to play a significant role in a building a business – talk to us!

Working in a social enterprise is very unconventional if you come to think about it. Your might be working on social media, operations or product development, but choosing to work with a business that serves a bigger cause and build your career on top of it – it is truly unconventional.

It takes a lot of courage and boldness to decide that path but I can promise you, it’ll be a life-changing journey not just for the Picha families but yourself.

We always encourage people to imagine this – imagine a Google in Picha (you might be laughing by now, but we are serious). That’s how we want to grow Picha – not just growing the business and impact but to grow ideas as well. We believe that we will not just be rebuilding lives of refugees but also for many others who need more opportunities in life. Picha can be bigger than just rebuilding lives of refugees, and we definitely can’t do it alone.

There are only 5 of us in the team right now, but imagine the impact we can make if there are 10 of us, 100 of us, 1000 of us – collectively, with you in the team, we can make a huge impact

Running Picha is not an easy challenge, but we believe in this vision. A vision where families are able to put food on the table, have a roof over their heads and send kids to school.

A vision not just for the refugees, but for many others families who face the same challenge. Being the face of innovative solutions will help us reach out to them as fast as we can, and allow their voices to be heard.

Here, I want to thank all our Picha Superheroes who have contributed to Picha’s growth in many ways. Whether you have made those cold calls in the beginning, done the caterings before our structure came in, designed those posters before we found our direction or organised those events even if it was your first one. You’ve made a difference. Because of you, hundreds of lives are being changed today and there will be more in the future with Picha.

Here are the reasons why you should join Picha. If you share the same vision and you are ready to hop on this life-changing journey with us, join the team 🙂

We are currently looking for Superheroes in the areas of marketing, operations, product development, accounting & administrative work. Send your CV to sweelin@pichaeats.com if you are ready to embark on this special journey!


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