3 Simple Practices Picha has to Save the Earth

3 Simple Practices Picha has to Save the Earth

Written by
Kim Lim

As a global citizen of this lovely earth, renting a space during our lifetime, the Picha team believes that we are responsible to sustain our earth’s resources.

It has been very painful to see the lives of our sea creatures being threatened, or how certain disasters are happening because of the irresponsible ways we use our earth’s resources or dispose our garbages.

We are literally destroying the world! Think about the future generation. They will have to pick up the pieces and scrapes that we left for them during our lifetime. Just imagine if you would need to breathe fresh air from a bottle in the future. That’s kind of where we are heading now.

However, we believe it’s not too late to save the earth! Picha is committed to being a sustainable food business because we love the earth as much as our Picha Heroes, families and the team. So here are 3 simple ways we doto help save the earth!

#1 – NO MEAT Monday

If everyone went meatless just for once a week, statistics have shown that we can

  • reduce CO2 emission
  • Lower water usage
  • and save up tons of land acres!

This is because meat production causes climate change, soil erosion and water depletion. Going meatless will not just help in reducing waste, but it allows us more time in finding alternatives to solve our global food problem as well.

At Picha, we commit ourselves to going meatless every Monday for a meal. Was it easy? Heck, no! It was so difficult to get everyone on board at first. But because we had a whole team supporting each other, we are slowly getting a hang of it. I’m sure that we will get there one day!

After all, meat is not like oxygen right?

#2 – Straw Ban

At Picha, we are pretty serious about the ban. If you are caught using a straw for drinks, be ready for a death stare by boss Swee Lin. HAHA!

Straw is a one-time-use product.. Once used and disposed, it takes a over 100 years for it to decompose!

Many would plastic straw it into the rivers or sea without realising how dangerous they are to our sea creatures. And to our own bodies! Did you know that these plastic straws could end up in our food chain because sea creatures might consume them?

This means that we are literally eating our own garbage!

So simply get yourself a reusable straw yourself (like the trendy metal straws you see online) or just avoid using a straw for your drinks. There may be times the waiter/waitresses might still bring you the straw  when ordering drinks in restaurant.. even when you said no. To avoid that, we have a #PichaTip – either you show them that you have your own straw or walk up & collect the drinks by yourself. It’s really not that difficult!

#3 – Use Green Packagings

We believe in going green in every part of our product, and that includes our packaging! Our boxes are sourced from Foodabox – a bio-degradable food packaging manufacturer (kudos to Foodabox for saving the earth too!).

We also try to encourage our Picha Heroes to be environmental friendly as much as we can. When an order is placed, Picha Heroes can request for no-utensils delivery. When we organize community booths or pop-ups, we also encourage Picha Heroes to bring your own lunch box for take-aways.

We’ll be honest, our current packaging is not the most sustainable one yet but we are constantly on the search for the best environmental (and cost) friendly packaging. So hit us up if you know of any packaging company which shares the same vision as us.

Is it that simple?

When I was sharing at a convocation dinner in Hong Kong few weeks ago, I mentioned this in my speech, “No aliens are going to come to earth and help us save the earth. It is up to us to save it and shape the future we want.”

So take these simple steps to save our mother earth. After all.. the earth belongs to us and if we don’t love it, who is going to?

At Picha, we are constantly finding new ways to save the earth! So, either join our movement or suggest ways we can do better in the future. Let’s not have to eat our own garbage and leave the trash to the future generation to clean.

Let’s always remember the bigger picha.

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